• natural diffuser reeds
  • natural diffuser reeds
  • natural diffuser reeds
  • natural diffuser reeds

    natural diffuser reeds

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    / natural diffuser reeds // 

    This comes with 10 pieces of all-natural diffuser reeds. The responsibly harvested rattan makes the best diffuser reed. The reeds are 3mm in diameter, for maximum flow or "wicking" of reed diffuser oil. The reeds are precision-cut on specialized equipment to ensure a clean cut every time and allow the reed to diffuse lots of fragrance. 


    Material: rattan
    Length: 25cm
    Diameter: 3mm


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    "The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." 
    ~ Albert Einstein

    Past, present and future are intertwined.

    The present is shaped by what we have experienced in the past; what we are experiencing now is affecting the future. 

    It’s all about memory. 
    We carry the memory from the past to live at any moment.

    Scent can revive memories that have been long forgotten. 
    Do you really believe the memory retrieved was something actually happened?
    Sometimes your memory may be blurry or even differ from time to time.
    Now that, is the picture in your memory real or just an illusion?

    We design the scent to create the vibe, let you fall into the illusion.