about us

s/ash & para//el - we design the scent to create the vibe, let you fall into the illusion

about s/ash & para//el

s/ash & para//el is founded by Sharon O.W. Yeung and Vincent C.Y. Woo.
s/ash & para//el is born to strive for their passion of scent design to create the vibe, and let you totally fall into the illusion. The scent-related creations are candles, wax melts, reed diffusers and room sprays. All products are produced in Hong Kong by Sharon and Vincent.

Sharon and Vincent also own Shabibi Sheep Workshop, the artisan fair-faced concrete brand founded in 2015 and s/ash & para//el is the next chapter.

The first candle made was a concrete candle in 2017 for Christmas. In 2018 Sharon and Vincent spent half a year designing the scents based on their own feelings and the touch of the concrete shades and patterns by the brand. They also blended a special formulated wax to match with the characteristics of concrete and hand poured the candles. A collection of 6 concrete candles became one of the signature creations by Shabibi Sheep Workshop.

Since then, the interest in scent design has grown and during the past few years, Sharon and Vincent explored in different fields as well such as commissioned product designs, art work creations and interior design projects. They would like to share their sense of aesthetics to the public so people can appreciate all forms of art and beauty. In order to unleash their skills and achieve that goal, the new brand - s/ash & para//el is born.

story of s/ash & para//el
Sharon and Vincent are the product designers / craftsmen of Shabibi Sheep Workshop besides being the owners. In addition, Sharon and Vincent are also the interior designers / concrete x resin artists / painters / sculptors that they had their solo exhibitions / commissioned art projects.

Sharon and Vincent have different identities and roles (so that’s the slash life) while both Shabibi Sheep Workshop and s/ash & para//el moving forward together (hence in parallel), that’s how the name “s/ash & para//el” comes up.