customised scent for an art exhibition

"Under the blue moon" art group held an exhibition "Strolling Along" in February 2024 with 14 artists involved and they would like to include olfactory experience.


"A Long Walk" is divided into three major exhibition areas - city, nature, and abstraction. The participating artist Zhang Yaokang has already had the idea of ​​​​adding olfactory experience. He said, "Smell is unforgettable, and many objects in life are recognized through smell. ”, now that I have encountered the theme of “taking a long walk”, I can finally give it a try and realize my dream."


We provided inspiration and advice to the artists to blend the scent dedicated to "city / nature & abstraction" and advise on the medium to use - room spray.
Room spray, besides its cost within their budget, also suit the environment - the venue is divided into three major exhibition areas, avoid the 3 scents mixed together, room spray to use with paper. Participants to hold the paper and walk around the area then get another paper with the scent of that area. 




Strolling Along

date & time:
21/2 (4pm-9pm)
22-25/2 (10am-9pm)
26/2 (10am-6pm)

Exhibition Hall, 5/F
The Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre 
Hong Kong Park
7A Kennedy Road above Central, Hong Kong

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