collaboration with eslite bookstore (festival walk)


Stroll through the bamboo forest with sakura garden


A crossover candle with Eslite bookstore launched in this summer

Scent design is inspired by the evergreen plant and flower, echo with the color and vibe of the season. Bamboo and sakura are the main theme plus a sniff of white sage and lavender, filled with fresh and gentle touch

Bamboo is picked as the evergreen plant. 
Bamboo, after processing, becomes bamboo slices, which are woven together with thread or cowhide ropes and called bamboo slips. Bamboo slips were the medium to record words in ancient times.
Choosing bamboo is tied with the concept of "books".

Stroll through the bamboo forest with sakura garden
Sakura flutter down, rustling with bamboo leaves
The faint scent of bamboo and sakura in the wind


Scent candle
Ceramic cup with lid
190g (6.7oz) | ~40hrs
eslite - festival walk LG2-02B , Kowlong Tong