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  • slash and parallel travel candle 75g Hong Kong Tsuen Wan soy wax

    travel candle

    a 13-hour journey

  • wax melts

    24 pieces of cube in each box

  • reed diffuser

    available in 100ml & 200ml glass bottle

  • glass jar candle

    larger capacity, PRESENT/this series only


collaboration with eslite

竹陌花阡」 Stroll through the bamboo forest with sakura garden
A crossover candle with Eslite bookstore launched in this summer

Scent design is inspired by the evergreen plant and flower, echo with the color and vibe of the season. Bamboo and sakura are the main theme plus a sniff of white sage and lavender, filled with fresh and gentle touch.

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slash & parallel

we design the scent to create the vibe, let you fall into the illusion

nature vibe - PRESENT/this series

when infinite number of colours and shades, sounds of insects, animals, river flow
touch and smell of all sort of plants
makes you amazed and inspired

  • forest

    blend of complex woody scents with a mix of leaves / grass / moss green scents, as if taking a forest bath for its restorative benefits

  • petrichor

    not a pleasant smell to the majority but this is the smell reminds us the abundant provided by the earth

  • white sage & cypress

    a refreshing scent from white sage & cypress

    a cleanse of air, a cleanse of mind

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about our product

scent designed and blended by our two artists : Sharon O.W. Yeung & Vincent C.Y. Woo
all product are 100% phthalate free
made in Hong Kong

FUTURE/make it yours... series

FUTURE/make it yours... series

reed diffuser (bouquet)

choose 3 scents (diffuser) out of the 11 options
pour those 3 diffusers into the glass bottle one by one by using the funnel provided.
put the notecard on
insert the rattan reeds
enjoy the unique "bouquet" made


FUTURE/make it yours... series

wax melts (afternoon tea & bouquet)

choose 3 scents (wax melts in small cubes) out of the 20+ options
place the wax melts cubes to the glass container by using the clip provided
move the glass container under the wax melt warming lamp
let the unique scents fill your room



be our stockist / scent design / crossover / collaboration
feel free to contact us for any type of collaboration

  • set of three

    This set containing Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3, so this is a set of three candles.

    It is in gift wrapping.

  • Stage 1

    We use the Chinese word "苦" means "bitter".

    It's like "sorrow" to refer to Stage 1 - the darkness, the sadness.

  • Stage 2

    We use the Chinese word "酸" means "sour".

    It's like "acquiescence" to refer to Stage 2 - life goes on even you don't want to

  • Stage 3

    We use the Chinese word "淡" means "light / mild".

    It's like "calm" to refer to Stage 3 - it's just part of the journey.

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product care


Allow the wax to melt to the edge of the container on the first burn to create a full “melt pool”. This is to ensure the candle is burnt all the way to the edge instead of just burning down the middle and creating a tunnel.

Do not burn your candle longer than 3 hours (of our 190g ceramic container candle) / 4 hours (of our 285g tin can candle) at a time. 

Trim the wick to 3-5mm before every burn.


Always burn candles within sight.
Never burn candles near flammable items.
Keep candles away from children and pets.
The container will heat up when the candle is lit. So do not touch or move the candle around or you may get injured. Please also ensure the surface where you put your candle is heat-resistant. 

reed diffuser

Start with 6 reeds and flip them approximately every week. 
Wait for the fragrance to travel up the reeds and disperse into the air. 
You may want to add more reeds to achieve a stronger scent but be reminded that the more reeds you use, the quicker the liquid is used up. 

room spray

Shake before each use. 
Do not use this product as a skin care product or as a body spray. 
When using on any clothing or cloth material, please test a small amount to ensure this product does not cause discoloration or staining. 

wax melts

Do not touch the container whilst in use as it will be hot, allow to cool before handling. As the wax melt cools down it will solidify again and can be reused until the fragrance is gone. 

Unlike regular candles, the wax melts don't evaporate and burn as you use it. Instead, the wax will still be there and only the scent dissipates. When this happens, you can remove the top part of the wax from the container and continue to enjoy the fresh scented part which the wax warmer doesn't get deep enough to. 

To remove the wax:
While the wax is still warm hence in liquid form, use a disposable spoon to take out the liquid wax and pour it into a disposable cup. 
Throw them away after the wax cools down and turns to solid state.

- adding extra wax melts whenever you want [Youtube] & [Vimeo]
- how to remove wax [Youtube] & [Vimeo]

Do NOT pour the wax into any drain or it will clog up.


design inspiration

While “time” is just an illusion
Who can tell fantasy is unrealistic

We design the scent of “past, present, future and fantasy” to create the vibe, let you fall into the illusion.

PAST / recollection series
PRESENT / this series
FUTURE / make it yours... series
FANTASY / dreamy tale series

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