our design concept

"The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."
~ Albert Einstein

We design the scent to create the vibe, let you fall into the illusion.



Past, present and future are intertwined.

The present is shaped by what we have experienced in the past; what we are experiencing now is affecting the future. 

It’s all about memory. 
We carry the memory from the past to live at any moment.

Scent can revive memories that have been long forgotten. 
Do you really believe the memory retrieved was something actually happened?
Sometimes your memory may be blurry or even differ from time to time.
Now that, is the picture in your memory real or just an illusion?

We design the scent to create the vibe, let you fall into the illusion.


In parallel with the reality “past, present, and future”,
we should allow ourselves to have a brief respite:
to fantasize the characters from the story tales coming to live to comfort us
to fantasize there are always miracles amongst us
to fantasize we are living in utopia which everything is just perfect
This is not escaping from the real world but relax from the pressures from daily life.



past / recollection series
a very personal journey, searching for that pinch of memory in one's mind. The result might differ from time to time, affected by one’s emotion. Each journey will be unique, even with what has already happened.


present / this series
We can be dragged by the past & attracted to the future. 
THIS moment is your present
You are the one who define THIS
Let’s embrace THIS present.


future / make it yours... series
sometimes one can create a whole new experience; sometimes one can just experience the past again.


fantasy / dreamy tale series
one’s imagination unrestricted by reality. The freedom to fantasize is a sanctuary for soul from daily life.