wax melts caring tips

Do not touch the container whilst in use as it will be hot, allow to cool before handling. As the wax melt cools down it will solidify again and can be reused until the fragrance is gone. 

Unlike regular candles, the wax melts don't evaporate and burn as you use it. Instead, the wax will still be there and only the scent dissipates. When this happens, you can remove the top part of the wax from the container and continue to enjoy the fresh scented part which the wax warmer doesn't get deep enough to. 

To remove the wax:
While the wax is still warm hence in liquid form, use a disposable spoon to take out the liquid wax and pour it into a disposable cup. 
Throw them away after the wax cools down and turns to solid state.

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Do NOT pour the wax into any drain or it will clog up.