• jazz lounge / room spray // recollection series
  • jazz lounge / room spray // recollection series

    jazz lounge / room spray // recollection series

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    / recollection series // 

    jazz lounge
    Swing & blues; cocktails & spirits. 

    Notes: balsam, bourbon, gin, tobacco
    Character: balsamic, exotic, mysterious
    Net volume: 150ml / 5 fl oz


    Room spray for the home to suit your mood of the day or night. 
    A quick and convenient way to decorate your home with a special scent. 


    Good to know
    Produced in Hong Kong. 
    We import all the materials from the suppliers in the USA / Europe directly. 
    Scent is phthalate-free. 
    Shake before each use. 

    Do not use this product as a skin care product or as a body spray. 
    When using on any clothing or cloth material, please test a small amount to ensure this product does not cause discoloration or staining. 


    • phthalate free
    • materials directly from US / EU
    • produced in Hong Kong
    PAST / recollection series← ←

    "The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." 
    ~ Albert Einstein

    Past, present and future are intertwined.

    The present is shaped by what we have experienced in the past; what we are experiencing now is affecting the future. 

    It’s all about memory. 
    We carry the memory from the past to live at any moment.

    Scent can revive memories that have been long forgotten. 
    Do you really believe the memory retrieved was something actually happened?
    Sometimes your memory may be blurry or even differ from time to time.
    Now that, is the picture in your memory real or just an illusion?

    We design the scent to create the vibe, let you fall into the illusion.